Company profile
Oasis fashion limited is a 100% export oriented sweater manufacturer and exporter equipped with latest and modern machineries. We are very much optimistic and strongly believe that our company can become most powerful source for you in terms of innovation. Competitive price, quality standard etc.

Name of the company : Oasis Fashion Limited
(100% export oriented sweater Factory)
Type of Production : All kind of Sweater, Pullover,
Cardigan, Twin Set, Waist Cote & Vest
Contact person : M A Kamal
Managing Director
cell/ Mobile : +88-01711-520401
Email :
: Obaidur Rahman
General Manager
cell/ Mobile : +88-01713-030059
Email :
Office Address : 2nd floor, house # 16, Road # 36, Gulshan-2 Dhaka,
Office Phone : +880-2-8835246
Corresponding Bank : One Bank Ltd. 97, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tel: (PABX) 8819550-40,
Fax: 880-2-9890138
Year of Established : 2001 (Two thousand One.)
Employee safety, health & hygiene system : Strictly maintaining safety, health and
hygiene provisions as per ilo's and bangladesh labour law's rules and regulation.
The following facility is available for employee safety, health and hygiene:
  • Free medical service
  • Proper first aid box
  • Enough fire extinguisher
  • Trained fire fighting team
  • Training program for fire fighting
  • Healthy toilets and urinals and etc.
  • Emergency exit
  • Dining space
  • Day care centre
Competitive advantages/policy :
  • We believe in professionalism
  • No compromise about the quality
  • We believe in cost effective productivity
  • No question to use of child labour
  • We believe in motivation for the workers to drive for best achievement
  • We believe in best co-operation
Factory layout : We made a scientific layout (as enclosed) to maintain a smooth and efective productivity.
Floor space : Total flore space 50000 sqft and warehouse 5000sft.
Equipments :
Equipment type Brand Country Quantity
Jacquard machine ( Multi guage (7-14 ) Shima Seiki Japan 20 nos
Winding machine (spindle) 10 set (120 spindle)
Knitting machines:
3.5 gg
5 gg
7 gg
12 gg
Flying tiger Taiwan 200 sets
150 sets
250 sets
200 sets
Linking machines:
5 gg
6 gg
8 gg
14 gg
Flying tiger Taiwan 12 sets
48 sets
120 sets
100 sets
Sewing machine Juki Japan 18 sets
Overlock machine Juki Japan 12 sets
Button hole machine Juki Japan 04 sets
Button stitch machine Juki Japan 04 sets
Flat lock machine Juki Japan 04 sets
Checking lamp 10 set
Boiler (470 kgs/hr) Fulton USA 02 set
Automatic washer (capacity 105 lbs) Flying tiger Taiwan 04 set
Hydro extractor (capacity 114lbs) Flying tiger Taiwan 02 set
Dryer (capacity 80 lbs) Flying tiger Taiwan 06 sets
Stem iron Flying tiger Taiwan 42 sets
Water pump & motor Fulton USA 02 Set
Heavy duty water pump Fulton USA 02 Set
Fiber glass water softener Fulton USA 02 Set
Computer 20 Set
Generator (450 kva) 02 Set
Factory Address : 591-Gacha, Board Bazar, Gazipur, Bangladesh.
Factory Phone : +88-02- 9291812, 9291813
Fax : +88-02-9291813
E-mail : ,
Web site :
Year Of Established : 2001 (Two thousand One.)
Type of Raw materials: : Acrylic, Cotton, Acrylic cotton blend, Acrilyc mohirelike, Acrylic Cashmere like, Chenille, Smiling and any kind of fancy yarn.
Style & design : Jersey knit, rib, drop needle, diamond, cable, half ardigan,
full cardigan, melano, top, pine apple, drop, auto mine, zigzag, pointal,
biscuit diamond, combo, fancy cable, allover cable & woolen cap.
Source of yarn : Queen South Textile , Samree Dying Ltd , Shepherd industries ltd, Dong bang textiles ltd, Ring shine textiles ltd,
Other Than: china, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan.
Sampling : We have a separate sample section with Twelve expert sample man and Two
designer to develop sales sample and for prompt sampling at
the various stages of execution of order
Insurance : Factory has the product liability insurance
Initial order lead-time : Considering local yarn :
60 days after receiving L/C and all other approval as
labdip, styling sample, accessories etc.
Considering imported yarn :
120 days after receiving L/C and all other approval.
Repeat order lead-time : 45 days after receiving L/C for local yarn 90 days
after receiving L/C for imported yarn
Working experience : We have mostly carried out the order successfully
with the following buyers :
SL NO: Buyer Name Country Name
01 Otto ( bonprix, otto ) Germany
02 Nkd vertr gmbh Germany
03 Kyly Industries Brazil
04 Lucky Dog Canada
05 3 Suisses France
06 Ezibuy Newzealand
07 TAKKO Germany
08 Vegotex Belgium
09 Marisa Brazil
10 Bluhm koln Germany
11 Sainsbury Uk
12 Sabor Italy
Floor Space : 35, 500(Thirty Five Thousand Five Hundred sqft.)
Numbers of Employees : 1400 Nos (more or less)
Production Capacity : 180,000 PCS per month (More or Less)
Workers are paid : Monthly
Working hour per day : 08 (Eight) hrs
Time break per day : 02 (Two ) Times, Lunch : 60(sixty) Minutes, Tiffin: 30 (Thirty) Minutes
Employee age class : Child labour (up to 17 years) : nil
18 - 35 years : 87%
35 - 45 years : 13%
45 and up : nil
Employee : Jacquard section 30 persons
Winding section 75 persons
Knitting section 600 persons
Linking section 200 persons
Overlock section 20 persons
Trimming section 80 persons
Lightcheck section 45 persons
Mending section 60 persons
Washing section 35 persons
Ironing section 100 persons
Sewing section 75 persons
Quality controll 40 persons
Packing section 45 persons
Office staff 25 persons
Other 30 persons

Total employees 1460 persons
Percentage of woman workers : 40 (Fifty) %
Supplier List :
YARN  Queen South Textile Mills Ltd 
Samree Dying Mills Ltd 
Jianghu Guo Tai International Group Guohua Corp Ltd 
Accessories  Wega Packaging 
Chemical  Pin One corporation
Decca Chemical