Oasis Fashion Limited. has a mission to fulfill by surpassing all the requirements of Humanitarian Management & to make its working environment a role model for others as " A BETTER WORKING PLACE " and unique in its field. Oasis Fashion Limited. do and will continue to operate the factory in FULL COMPLIANCE with all the applicable rules and regulations of native land as well as BSCI standard. For improving the working conditions and setting a better working place color ,nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status. Oasis Fashion Limited. Ensures equal treatment for all workers in all matters. is maintaining the following COC issues:

Facilities of Workers
No Discrimination.
Occupational Health & Safety (OHS).
Disciplinary Practices/ Harassment.
Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
Welfare facilities.
Compensation & Benefits.
Working Hours.
Grievance procedure.
Environmental Protection.

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Prohibition of Forced Labour:
The company does not practice any type of forced labour and also does not support such practices.

Prohibition of Child Labour :
As per company policy, no individual below 14+ years of age is recruited.

No Discrimination:
Oasis Fashion Ltd. employ and pay workers and provides benefits without regard to race, color ,nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status. Oasis Fashion Ltd. . Ensures equal treatment for all workers in all matters.

OHS Management :
Oasis Fashion Ltd. treats all workers with respect and dignity and provides them with a safe and healthy environment. Factory complies with all applicable laws and BSCI standard safety measurement to ensure a safe working environment. It developed a complete trained safety team supervised by Oasis Fashion Ltd. to ensure the secured safe and healthy working environment in factory premises. Company directly mandates the provision of safe working conditions. It ensures that working place is free from hazards and risks that may cause any type of physical harm.

Disciplinary Practices/ Harassment:
As a company policy the environment must be free of harassment, abuse or corporal punishment.

Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
Oasis Fashion Ltd. recognizes and respects the right of employees to exercise their lawful rights of free association, including joining or not joining any association. There is a Workers Participant Committee (WPC) in Oasis Fashion Ltd. to look after the various benefits and problems both the workers and the management. Different floors employees are included in this committee.

Health Care Center :
To provide the health care facility and instant emergency service the company has established a health care center. An M.B.B.S doctor along with one assistants including a nurse is available there. Workers are given here free service treatment including medicine facility. ( Photo of health care centre).

Day Care Center:
The Company has provided a suitable room for the use of children under the age of six of working women. There are two trained Care Mothers is available there.

Festival Bonus:
Two festival bonuses are given in two EID. The employee who is working at least six months is given to the bonus.

Lunch Room:
Lunch room has been provided for workers. The room is for lunch purposes only and the employees are requested to use the room accordingly and maintain the cleanliness of the room. Also rest room, drinking water and Toilet facilities are available (related pictures should be added)

Compensation & benefits:
As a company policy Oasis Fashion Ltd. is paying at least minimum compensation required by national law.

Working Hour:
Regarding working hour, Oasis Fashion Ltd. strictly maintains the national law.

Grievance Procedure :
There are suggestion / complain box in each floor where workers may drop their vital suggestions or complaint which may enhance the company development. Other than the complain boxes the workers may also submit their written complaint directly to the HR department or may verbally inform. More over WPC members are actively involve regarding Complaint issues. All matters regarding complaint issues are handling with confidentially.


Policy List

1. Company COC

2. Recruitment Policy

3. Child Labor policy

4. Force labor policy

5. Anti Corruption & Anti Bribery Policy

6. Anti Harassment & Abuse Policy

7. Health & Safety Policy

8. Working Hour Policy

9. Grievance Policy

10. Leave Policy

11. Non-Discrimination Policy

12. Environment Policy

13. Termination Policy

14. Chemical Hazards Safety Policy

15. Waste Maintence & Dispose Policy

16. Waste Disposal Policy

17. Disciplinary Action Policy

18. Compensation And Benefit Policy

19. Sub- Contract work Policy

20. Freedom Of Association & Collective Bargaining Policy

21. Grievance Procedure for local community

22. Maternity Leave & Benefit Policy

23. Pest Control Policy

24. Suggestion / Complain Box Policy

25. Broken Needle Policy

26. Cleaning Policy

27. Promotion Policy